So what Does C.S.C.C. Stand For?
So what Does C.S.C.C. Stand For?
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Ask anybody that works in the food industry what Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill stands for and you’ll get a quick and informative answer, that is if they are properly trained.  Ken Kuscher and his Florida Food handler Certificates will ensure you get the proper education you need before walking into any food establishment.

So what exactly does C.S.C.C. stand for?  Well lets break it down for you:


This may seem vague and that’s because it is.  Cleaning refers to all surfaces, both anatomical and inanimate.  Bacteria spreads very easily and can spread through all your kitchen surfaces, equipment and unto your hands.  The most susceptible areas to keep constantly cleaning are your hands, your cutting boards, your knives and your countertops.  Rule of thumb, when washing your hands always wash with warm water and soap for atleast 20 seconds all the way up to your elbows.  Make sure to properly clean under your fingernails with a brush as well.


So how to you stop cross contamination? Simple, you separate all necessary items.  For example every kitchen should have individual cutting boards for individual tasks.  If you enter any professional kitchen you might see color coded cutting boards in which:

  • Red cutting boards are used for: meats
  • Yellow cutting boards are used for: chicken
  • Green cutting boards are used for: vegetables
  • Blue cutting boards are used for: Seafood

Other forms of separating involves the way things are placed in a fridge.  You should never under any circumstances place raw chicken over raw foods such as cheese or vegetables.  This is an easy way of contracting salmonella.


To safely cook or reheat any foods you must remember to hit the proper internal temperature of the given item.  This is important for everyone that cooks, be it a chef in a restaurant or your spouse at home it is very important to operate a thermometer to make sure proper temperatures are being met.  If not harmful bacteria’s can survive this will make you sick.


No we don’t mean relax we mean proper methods of cooling down foods that have been cooked.  There are temperatures that fall under the Temperature Danger Zone, Your should avoid keeping food out of the temperature zone of 40 degrees and 140 degrees Fahrenheit this is where bacteria multiply its fastest and this may make for a disastrous situation.  Take out foods and leftovers so be chilled below this level within 2 hours to be safe.  Also remember to always keep your fridge below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  To make things easier always have a refrigerator thermometer on hand to ensure your storing food at the proper temperature.

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