Causes & Recall Costs of Foodborne Illnesses.
Causes & Recall Costs of Foodborne Illnesses.

The food industry has always had the threat of food borne illnesses pending over its head. The question on everybody’s mind, though; is: Why?

Well, the answer is not always simple. Among many other reasons we have to understand that the food industry, just like many others, relies on people; hence, it is subject to human error. This means, no matter how careful the food handlers are, it is very likely that at some point an accident happens. That’s why it is so important to count on certified, professional and highly qualified food handlers. The more experienced and skilled the person managing the food is, the lower the risks of accidents, contamination and other inconveniences.

Keeping that in mind, the main cause of food-based sickness is no other than presence of harmful pathogens in the food.

Food contamination can occur in almost any stage of the process of food handling. Whether it is production, processing, preparation, distribution & transportation, packing or storage the risk is always present. Therefore, it is rather important to carefully supervise every step of the process and control the quality the product thoroughly.

The cost of product recall could be catastrophic for a company with an average of $10 million that does not include all the lost sales. Most companies get insurance protection for these incidents, since the consequences can be dire at best.

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