4 Tips on Keeping Your Restaurant Clean

If your restaurant isn’t clean, then the all-important customer will never return, even if you serve the best food in the world. Keeping your restaurant clean is a very big deal, as it can make or break your business. In some cases, it’s more important than providing your customers with delicious food… especially if you want to succeed in the highly competitive food service industry.

Nevertheless, keeping your restaurant clean isn’t rocket science, and you can ensure your restaurant is spotless when you apply these simple (and helpful) tips:

Your floors and restrooms must always sparkle: You see, no customer will come back to your restaurant if your restrooms are dirty. When judging the cleanliness of your restaurant, the first thing most people will do is check the floors. Since about 80% of dirt comes from the outside of your restaurant building, you can use a mat at the entrance to help capture dirt and water before they enter your restaurant.

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The devil’s in the details: When cleaning your restaurant, you may have missed several places where dust and dirt are hiding. Don’t forget to check that spot where the wall meets the ceiling, as cobwebs usually appear there. Wall art can also get dirty, so you must clean the frames regularly. Don’t neglect tabletop items, because sticky salt and pepper shakers, menus, and sugar holders will scare away your customers. Also, remember to make sure all the light bulbs in your restaurant are in working order.

Create a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule: If you can’t afford to hire a cleaning crew, then your employees have to work together to keep your restaurant clean. Create a “checklist” detailing the cleaning activities that need to be done daily, weekly, and monthly… and assign specific cleaning tasks to each one of your employees. Everyone must know exactly who’s responsible for what, and they must also know what you expect from them.

Conduct routine self-inspections: Become the inspector for a few minutes and take an “unannounced” tour of your restaurant. Inspect everything thoroughly, including all surfaces (floor, tabletops, ordering area), restrooms, the kitchen area, and the appearance of your staff. Look at your restaurant as if you were a customer… and then ask yourself, “Would I eat here?”

These tips will help you keep your restaurant clean, and they are easy-to apply. However, if you want to know more about how to keep your restaurant clean, and how to comply with each and every health code regulation, then you ought to take one of Ken Kuscher’s courses on food safety. A few of the services Ken Kuscher provides are Food Card Florida, Food Safety Certification Florida, Cheap Florida Food Handler Certificates, and Required Florida Food Handler Certificates. Just call (561) 369-2622 to reserve your spot.

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