Boynton Beach Food Handler Certificates

With over 35 years of experience of providing in-depth food handling training, Ken Kuscher provides “Boynton Beach Food Handler Certificates” to a large array of  restaurant owners and employees including major restaurant chains such as  Marriott, Subway, Pei Wei, Hillstone, and Moe’s. Food handling certification is not only required by law in Florida, but without it you and your staff will not have the knowledge and preparation necessary to practice safe handling of food. Being certified in food handling will ensure your customers come back because food borne diseases will be prevented and customers will feel secure and comfortable eating in a food safety certified restaurant.

Boynton Beach Food Handler Certificates

More than 200 known diseases are transmitted through food. In the United States, food borne diseases have been estimated to be responsible for 6 million to 81 million illnesses and up to 9,000 deaths each year, the vast majority being caused by a food establishment. Food borne diseases can be prevented by simply making sure you and your employees are certified in safe food handling. This will ensure customer loyalty and even avoid you getting sued if one of your customers were to get sick. “Boynton Beach food handler certificates” will add credibility to your restaurant because customers like knowing that they are being serviced by professionals in the food industry who are knowledgeable on several food handling practices such as the appropriate way to store food, contamination and cross contamination, time and temperature control, pests, sanitizing and personal hygiene. Gain your customer’s trust by employing safe food handling practices and getting your food handler certification.

Furthermore, Ken Kuscher has an extensive teaching career at the college level.  In his 35 years of experience in the food industry, he has done several noteworthy jobs such as:

  • Director of operations for the National Restaurant Association – 5 years.
  • Owner operator Koki Foods Group in Metro D.C. Operated the Food Service at the Department of Health and human Service and U.S. Army material command – Over 20 years
  • Appointed U.S. Army Evaluator for the Philip A. Connelly Award Program in 2008 and 2013.

Besides being helpful in keeping you, your staff and most importantly your customers healthy, a food handlers certificate is required by Florida law for all employees that are in the food industry.

According to Florida law:

  •  All food service employees must receive training on hygiene and food borne disease prevention, in addition to training on their assigned duties
  • The establishment has to train employees within 60 days of hiring
  • Each employee must receive a training certificate from a Florida approved training program every 3 years

Ken Kuscher makes it exceptionally easy to get certified in safe food handling. At only $4.00 for your food handling certificate, this is a deal you cannot let pass by. The knowledge, skills, and helpful tips that Kuscher contributes are priceless and come from his extensive experience of over 35 years so you can be sure you are learning from an expert and not a rookie in the food industry.