Creme de Cacao Makes its Way to Cocktails

 Crème de cacao has changed tremendously since it was first introduced in the late 16th century. Now, there are over 144 different recipe options. In the past, Crème de Cacao earned a bad reputation for not being used properly. In 1934, Esquire released a list of the ten worst drinks of the past decade and Crème de Cacao was on the list. Now, Crème de Cacao is looked at more like a sophisticated drink.

Many people think that the drink contains cream, but actually it is not included at all. It contains a balance of Lillet blanc and lemon juice. Modern bartenders say it’s an excellent way to use the liqueur. Crème de cacao may be either clear or a dark caramel color. The French word ‘’crème” refers to the creamy texture of this very sweet liquor, but there is no actual dairy cream in it.

White or dark? Both are chocolate-flavored, but many bartenders say the dark crème has an artificial taste. Some bartenders prefer ‘’Tempus Fugit’’ which is not as sweet and does not use any additives. Whatever flavor you choose, you will be happy with the result.

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