Food Certification Florida

Food certification Florida Handler testaments are needed by Florida law for all representatives. We furnish you with Florida sanction food worker training programs and certificates.


You as administration/ holder provide the training (Florida law does not oblige a composed exam for sustenance handlers). To request your authentications: Call Ken Kuscher @ Cell 561-703-7196 or @ Office 561-369-2622 for his “Food Certification Florida” services.

food certification florida

The Positives of having a Food Certification Florida


What the vast majority are not mindful of is that being certified is not simply helpful on the grounds that it is required by your state, being certified will likewise help you keep your clients, you and your family sound.


The lessons adapted in a certification class for food handler or food managers is indispensable. Did you realize that the dominant part of sustenance borne ailments can be stayed away from by emulating some basic tenets and rules.


Having an appropriately instructed and gifted staff is vital in any field yet much all the more so in the culinary business. Peoples well being and lives are in question. Consider this, the small investment a restaurant owner will make to ensure his staff is properly educated and certified is nothing compared to bad publicity that may come from customers becoming sick because of improper cooking methods, improper storage methods, and improper handling methods of food.


Stats demonstrate that an astounding 15 percent of the American populace contract some sort of food borne ailment a year. The greater part of these individuals get them from a food establishment. We can let you know one thing, a great many people who contract a food borne disease from an establishment will never return and that is bad for business.


Ken Kuscher’s 35 year of experience has provided him with a step up against the opposition. In those years Ken has been included in various ventures and organizations. Ken kuscher has been included in the accompanying:


  •  director of operations for the National Restaurant Association – 5 years.
  •  owner administrator Koki Foods Group in Metro D.C. Worked the Food Service at the Department of Health and Human Service and U.S. Armed force material command – Over 20 years
  •  appointed U.S. Armed force Evaluator for the Philip A. Connelly Award Program in 2008 and 2013.


Other than being useful in keeping you, your staff and in particular your clients sound a food handlers certification is needed by Florida law for all representatives that are in the food business.


As indicated by Florida law:


  •  All food service employees must receive training on hygiene and food borne disease prevention, in addition to training on their assigned duties
  • the establishment needs to prepare representatives inside 60 days of contracting
  •  Each employee must receive a training certificate from a Florida approved training program every 3 years




Our Florida sustenance handler certifications come in at the deal cost of $4.00 per certificate. One book per order is required only if you do not have a book. Cost of said book is $6.00.


Note: All material is sent via priority mail at cost. No COD. Credit Cards are accepted.