Food Delivery Made Quick, Cheap And Easy
Food Delivery Made Quick, Cheap And Easy

The food industry has been changing in a big way as of late, namely in the way customers obtain their food. Over the past five years, the frequency of weekly deliveries has almost doubled. Whereas ordering delivery was once almost exclusively associated with pizza, in 2015 it is used with virtually everything, and it’s done in timely and affordable fashion.


Introducing Dispatch, privately owned Olo’s latest invention. Dispatch consolidates the food and delivery services of over 150 different third party delivery companies and restaurants throughout the United States into a single application. Customers who use Dispatch can monitor the status of their food and the location of their courier at all times. In short, Dispatch is like the Uber for food delivery.


Olo CEO Noah Glass (not the same as the Twitter founder) explained in a recent press release how large chains such as McDonald’s have been testing the concept of further utilizing delivery services, but that expensive fees made it not worth it to the customer. For example, ordering an Egg McMuffin cost just under $15. Dispatch on the other hand, standardizes the prices, giving customers multiple options for time and cost depending on the location of the courier.


Dispatch will benefit delivery services because it will connect them to more restaurants. This will normalize the concept of ordering delivery as higher collaboration makes for better business. And as delivery services become more of a norm, efficiency will only improve as expenses decrease.


It is advantageous to restaurants because they will reach a new market of customers. Not only will delivery apply to those too lazy to leave the house on Sundays. With Dispatch, food delivery will apply to people who have too much time and those with not enough time alike. That includes offices, households, and everything in between.


And last but not least, Dispatch will benefit the customers because they will have access to more food options being sent directly to them in shorter time for less money.


For more information on the app, check out the Olo website. To stay up to date on all things food, you can go to Ken Kuscher’s homepage.