Food Safety Certification Florida

A food handler’s permit is essential and required in the state of Florida.  It’s for that reason that Ken Kuscher is number one when it comes to his “food safety certification florida” services.  Fast and easy Ken kuscher will get you on the road to success with his $4.00 food handler’s certificates.

food safety certification florida

Ken Kuscher knows the ins and outs of this business with over 35 years of experience in the food industry Ken Kuscher will bestow upon you the latest in food safety practices in his Florida food manager Certification courses with his “food safety certification florida” services.


In addition Ken Kuscher has an extensive teaching career at the college level.  In his 35 years he has done such notable jobs such as:


  • Director of operations for the National Restaurant Association – 5 years.
  • Owner operator Koki Foods Group in Metro D.C. Operated the Food Service at the Department of Health and human Service and U.S. Army material command – Over 20 years
  • Appointed U.S. Army Evaluator for the Philip A. Connelly Award Program in 2008 and 2013.


So why exactly is a Food Handlers Certificate important?


Simple it’s all about credibility.  A food handler’s certificate shows that you or your staff has been fully trained in proper food handling techniques.  With these proper techniques put in place you are sure to avoid any potential food borne illnesses that can bring you or your business bad publicity which will surely lead to a decline in customers.


Besides being helpful in keeping you, your staff and most importantly your customers healthy a food handlers certificate is required by Florida law for all employees that are in the food industry.


According to Florida law:


  • All food service employees must receive training on hygiene and food borne disease prevention, in addition to training on their assigned duties
  • The establishment has to train employees within 60 days of hiring
  • Each employee must receive a training certificate from a Florida approved training program every 3 years


So remember to purchase a training manual and your certificates call Ken Kuscher at 561-703-7196 or at 561-369-2622