Greenacres Food Handler Certificates

According to Florida Law, any individual employed by a restaurant or food establishment who is directly involved with the manufacture, preparation, storage and handling of food and beverages is required to have a food handler certificate. If you are the owner of a food establishment, remember that you are responsible for providing your employees with food handling training.

Greenacres Food Handler Certificates

With over 35 years of experience of providing in-depth food handling training, Ken Kuscher provides “Greenacres Food Handler Certificates” to a large array of  restaurant owners and employees including major restaurant chains such as  Marriott, Subway, Pei Wei, Hillstone, and Moe’s. Food handling certification is not only required by law in Florida, but without it you and your staff will not have the knowledge and preparation necessary to practice safe handling of food. Being certified in food handling will ensure your customers come back because food borne diseases will be prevented and customers will feel secure and comfortable eating in a food safety certified restaurant.

Within 60 days of hire date employees must get certified. It is wise to complete the food safety certification at least within the first week of the employee’s hire date so that it doesn’t get put off until the last minute.

“Delray Beach food handler certifications” will ensure that you, your employees, and most importantly your customers are in a safe and healthy food environment by providing the necessary knowledge and skills. Knowing safe food handling practices is essential in preventing harmful food borne illnesses and saving time and money by avoiding unnecessary mistakes. This, in turn, will improve efficiency of workers and the quality of food preparation.

“Greenacres Food Handler Certificates” will add trustworthiness to your restaurant because customers like knowing that they are being serviced by professionals in the food industry who are knowledgeable on several food handling practices such as the appropriate way to store food, contamination and cross contamination, time and temperature control, pests, sanitizing and personal hygiene. Customer loyalty will never be a problem for your restaurant or food establishment because customers will be pleased knowing they are eating in a safe food environment and                 they will value your efforts of going above and beyond and most importantly caring for their wellbeing.

Ken Kuscher makes it exceptionally easy to get certified in safe food handling. At only $4.00 for your food handling certificate, this is a deal you cannot let pass by. The knowledge, skills, and helpful tips that Kuscher contributes are priceless and come from his extensive experience of over 35 years so you can be sure you are learning from an expert and not a rookie in the food industry. Contact ken Kuscher today for his “Greenacres Food Handler Certificates” services.