New Hot Career Opportunities
New Hot Career Opportunities

The foodservice and hospitality industry continues to grow. Employers know that graduates of the Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program have the necessary culinary skills to face any challenge in the food service industry. Here are the top trending food service careers as of right now and what to expect to see in 2016.

Career fairs are special events held at the Culinary Institute of America. They attract employers from all over the world who seek hard working individuals. It is also an excellent way to meet and network with recruiters from one of the industry’s top companies.

There are about 300 companies that recruit on the campus every year. These companies fund a lot of the buildings and academic programs. Graduates from CIA have what it takes to not only do well in their sector, but in life in general. According to Steve Pettus from Dickie Brennan & Company “CIA students have a certain passion and work ethic that you can’t find anywhere else”.

There are plenty of opportunities in the food service industry ranging from butcher to chef. U.S. restaurant sales top more than $600 million dollars each day, serving more than 130 million guests each day.  The nation’s second largest private sector keeps getting bigger and bigger. Restaurant jobs are projected to grow by 10% by 2021.

Ken Kuscher has over 35 years of hands on operational experience.  In those 35 years he has come to be known as one of the finest Certified ServSafe Instructors the state of Florida has to offer.      Be it a food handler certification, food manager certification or an expert witness, Ken Kuscher is here to help.  For a more detailed look at what Ken Kuscher can do for you contact him today @ Cell 561-703-7196 or Office -561-369-2622