The Restaurant Expert Florida

The food industry can be a tough mistress. With food borne illnesses such as E.coli, Botulism, Norovirus and Salmonella running rampart it’s always good to have the help of a food expert witness.

The Restaurant Expert Florida

In the past decades food safety has become a major issue in this country.  Year after year health inspections are becoming more and more rigorous, and with good reason.  15 percent of the American population is diagnosed with one form of food borne illness a year.  It is estimated that this number is probably closer to 30 percent of all Americans when you consider that not everyone goes to a hospital when they catch a food borne illness.

The majority of the people who fall ill are said to catch a food borne illness from a food establishment.  With so many people falling ill it is a good idea to have a professional who you can depend on if you’re ever find yourself in a legal situation.

Ken kuscher with his 35 years of experience has been considered by many as The Restaurant Expert Florida.  In his many years of service Ken Kuscher the restaurant expert Florida has helped numerous people out of jams and legal problems with his expertise in the food industries health practices.  Ken kuscher is the perfect choice for your expert witness thanks to his experience in training, managing and teaching of food safety.

During his years of service Ken Kuscher has taught and worked at the following establishments:

Career Background:

  • Presently – President of Brunswick Food Service Educators
  • Provides ServSafe Florida approved Food Manager Certifications
  • Provides Florida approved Food Handler Certificates
  • Restaurant Consultation Service 2005

Previous Experiences:

  • Director of Operators for the National Restaurant Association
  • Operated Food Services at the Dept. of Health and Human Services, Army Material Command
  • Owner of Koki Foods Group
  • Appointed U.S. Army Philip A. Connelly Army Evaluator
  • Traveled with the Rank of Brigadier General
  • Dunkin Donuts Franchisee and Starbucks Licensee

Academic Teaching Experience:

  • Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration-Lecturer
  • Florida Atlantic University, School of Business – Adjunct Professor

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