Florida Food Handler Certificates
Florida Food Handler Certificates

Our Florida food handler certificates come in at the bargain price of $4.00 per certificate. One book per order is required only if you do not have a book. Cost of said book is $6.00.
Note: All material is sent via priority mail at cost. No COD. Credit Cards are accepted.

All food service workers directly involved with the manufacture, preparation, storage and handling of food and beverages are required to have a food handler certificate. If you are the restaurant owner, you are responsible for providing your employees with food handling training. Ken Kuscher makes it exceptionally easy to get certified in safe food handling. At only $4.00 for your food handling certificate, this is a deal you cannot let pass by. The knowledge, skills, and helpful tips that Kuscher contributes are priceless and come from his extensive experience of over 35 years so you can be sure you are learning from an expert and not a rookie in the food industry. Contact Ken Kuscher today for all your culinary needs.
Florida Food Handler certificates are required by Florida law for all employees. We provide you with Florida approved food worker training programs and certificates.

You as management / owner provide the training (Florida law does not require a written exam for food handlers). To order your certificates: Call Ken Kuscher

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The Positives of Being Certified

What most people are not aware of is that being certified is not just beneficial because it is required by your state but being certified will also help you keep your customers, you and your family healthy.

The lessons learned in a certification class for food handler or food managers is irreplaceable.  Did you know that the majority of food borne illnesses can be avoided by following some simple rules and guidelines.

Having a properly educated and skilled staff is important in any field but even more so in the culinary industry.  Peoples health and lives are at stake.  Consider this, the small investment a restaurant owner will make to ensure his staff is properly educated and certified is nothing compared to bad publicity that may come from customers becoming sick because of improper cooking methods, improper storage methods, and improper handling methods of food.

Statistics show that a whopping 15 percent of the American population come down with some type of food borne illness a year. The majority of these people get them from a food establishment. We can tell you one thing, most people who contract a food borne illness from an establishment will never come back and that’s not good for business.

More than 200 known diseases are transmitted through food. In the United States, food borne diseases have been estimated to be responsible for 6 million to 81 million illnesses and up to 9,000 deaths each year. The majority of these people get them from a food establishment. We can tell you one thing, most people who contract a food borne illness from an establishment will never come back and that’s not good for business. Don’t let your customer become another statistic by simply getting your restaurant or food establishment staff certified in safe food handling.

Getting certified in safe food handling is crucial for any food establishment or restaurant because it adds integrity and credibility to your business. Customers need to feel comfortable and safe knowing that they are being serviced by professionals in the food industry who put their health as a priority. Not only will this make our business a trustworthy one, but being certified in food handling will actually increase profit by making your restaurant staff more efficient. Your restaurant staff will also be able to avoid unnecessary mistakes by having the expertise needed to get the job done fast and right.

Ken Kuscher’s 35 year of experience has given him a step up against the competition.  In those years Ken has been involved in numerous projects as well as institutions. Ken kuscher has been involved in the following:


  • Director of operations for the National Restaurant Association – 5 years.
  • Owner operator Koki Foods Group in Metro D.C. Operated the Food Service at the Department of Health and human Service and U.S. Army material command – Over 20 years
  • Appointed U.S. Army Evaluator for the Philip A. Connelly Award Program in 2008 and 2013.


Besides being helpful in keeping you, your staff and most importantly your customers healthy a food handlers certificate is required by Florida law for all employees that are in the food industry.

According to Florida law:


  • All food service employees must receive training on hygiene and food borne disease prevention, in addition to training on their assigned duties
  • The establishment has to train employees within 60 days of hiring
  • Each employee must receive a training certificate from a Florida approved training program every 3 years
Florida Food Handler Certificates