Florida Food Manager Certification

Can’t figure out how to obtain your Florida Food Manager Certification? Well don’t worry. Ken Kuscher is here to help. With over three decades of experience in the food industry Ken will help you go through the procedures to obtain your Florida Food manager certification.
Florida Food Manager Certification

A customers health is of the upmost importance. That is why we recommend Ken Kuscher. Over the years Ken has developed a course which will keep you up to speed with the latest in FDA codes, Food Safety Research and Food Sanitation training.

The Positives of a Florida Food Manager Certification

This world is all about credibility and what better way to show that you have credibility in the food industry than a Florida food manager certification. Although it is required by Florida law a food manager certification is also required by 100 percent of food establishment owners. Owners and bosses want to know that they are hiring someone that is an expert in the industries guidelines. An untrained person can cause a lot of damage to a business as well as a size-able amount of money. When you consider that 15 percent of the American population is struck with some type of food borne illness a year you can see how damaging an untrained staff member can be.

Under Florida law the passing of an approved provider exam is required. We are Certified ServSafe instructors and proctors. Lead instructor Ken Kuscher has been on the faculty of Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and Florida Atlantic University School of Business.

We know how demanding the food industry can be and how limited your time is, that is why Ken Kuscher has developed an all in one package which will have you taking the required class and required test all in one day allowing you to get back to your busy life.