South Florida Food Handler Certificates

South Florida Food Handler Certificates are provided by a well-known expert in the food industry with an ample experience of more than 35 years. Ken Kuscher offers comprehensive food handling training to a wide range of restaurant owners and employees including widely known restaurant chains such as Marriott, Subway, Pei Wei, Hillston, and Moe’s.

South Florida Food Handler Certificates

Having a knowledgeable and skilled restaurant staff will ensure that you, your employees, and most importantly your customers are in a safe and healthy food environment. Knowing safe food handling practices is essential in preventing harmful food borne illnesses and saving time and money by avoiding unnecessary mistakes. This, in turn, will improve efficiency of workers, quality of food preparation, sales and customer loyalty.

Besides maintaining you, your staff and your customers healthy, a food handlers certificate is required by Florida law for all employees involved in the food industry.

According to Florida law:

  • All food service employees must receive training on hygiene and food borne disease prevention, in addition to training on their assigned duties
  • The establishment has to train employees within 60 days of hire date
  • Each employee must receive a training certificate from a Florida approved training program every 3 years

South Florida Food Handler Certificates will add integrity and credibility to your restaurant because customers will feel safe knowing that they are being serviced by professionals in the food industry who are knowledgeable on several food handling practices such as the appropriate way to store food, contamination and cross contamination, time and temperature control, pests, sanitizing and personal hygiene.

By getting certified in safe food handling, you will let customers know that you care about their wellbeing and are providing service of the highest quality. You will be able to cultivate and maintain a safe and healthy food environment where your customers can feel comfortable and will enjoy coming back.

Safe food handling training is vital for any food establishment. That is why the use of experts like Ken Kuscher for  South Florida Food Handler Certificates is highly endorsed. Through the use of training you are ensuring that you meet your legal obligations under the evolving Food Safety Standards and most importantly preventing food borne illnesses while retaining customer loyalty. Being known as a reputable restaurant or food establishment that delivers service of the highest quality by maintaining a safe and healthy food environment is imperative in order for your business to grow and become a trusted company.

Ken Kuscher makes it exceptionally easy to get certified in safe food handling. At only $4.00 for your food handling certificate, this is a deal you cannot let pass by. The knowledge, skills, and helpful tips that Kuscher contributes are priceless and come from his extensive experience of over 35 years so you can be sure you are learning from an expert and not a rookie in the food industry. Contact en Kuscher for his  South Florida Food Handler Certificates services.