Natural/Spicy Foods Will Continue to Grow in 2016
Natural/Spicy Foods Will Continue to Grow in 2016

Some food processors have decided to use more natural ingredients in their foods and drinks. They claim that the newer foods/drinks are more natural and less processed.  Some new flavors include (seaweed and Korean spice blends) and new protein sources (plant-algae and possibly insect based).  Food scientists are testing hundreds of combinations of fruits, vegetables, and spices to see which ones would work well as a replacement.

In today’s world, people are more concerned about what they put in their body. Consumers are concerned not only with where food is being produced, but how the workers who make it are being cheated. They also have concerns about the environment and how it is being impacted.

Many companies like Tate & Lyle are taking a positive approach towards healthier foods. They offer a version of monk fruit called “Purefruit’’ and “Dolcia Prima” which is a brand of allulose sweetener. This year we will see more alternative proteins and sweeteners, Southeast Asian flavors and sweet heat, and more cleaner and natural foods.

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