The Most Frequently Asked Questions About the Food Handler Certification in Florida

florida food handler card

To work in the food industry in Florida, it is a requirement of the law to be accredited with a Florida food handlers certification. This requirement cannot be overlooked and if failed to comply, legal issues may arise, costing reputation, fines, and potential incarceration. Moreover, as many people and businesses are looking to get their Florida food handler certification, there may be some questions that people want answered. This article will answer the most commonly asked questions regarding a Florida food handler certification.

Where can I get accredited for a food handler certification?

Brunswick Food Service Educators offer the opportunity for people to become qualified food handlers through courses held at specific times.


Does my certification last indefinitely?

Unfortunately, by law, each food handler must repeat their training every three years in Florida.


How can a Florida food handlers card help me?

A food handler certification will allow you to work within any food or catering business in Florida. This can potentially give people an advantage over others when applying for jobs.


Will I learn valuable information in the food handler course?

The information learned through a food handler class is entirely transferable for handling food within your own home. This knowledge allows you to follow safer food handling and reduces the risk of making errors with food.


Do I need a Florida food handler certification before finding a job?

When applying for jobs within the food industry, it is not a requirement to have a food handler certification. However, an employer must ensure you are trained within 60 days after employment.


Why must people go through a food handling course?

Food handling courses are in place so people can practice better food handling techniques, ensuring the food they are preparing or serving is safe to consume, which reduces the risk of food-related illnesses.

In order to work with food in the state of Florida, it is a legal requirement to have the necessary food handling certifications. To get the qualifications, it is an easy process that can be completed quickly and can be very beneficial. Hopefully this article has answered some questions you have regarding a Florida food handlers card.

At Brunswick Food Service Educators, we have over 35 years of experience as a Certified ServSafe Instructor and registered Proctor. Florida Food Handler Certification is required by Florida law for all employees. We understand that people are busy and the culinary industry can be very demanding and time-consuming; that’s why at Brunswick Food Service Educators, we offer same-day completion of classes and exams so you can get on with your busy schedule. For a more detailed look at what we offer or for class schedules, contact us at 561-703-7196 or 561-369-2622.