U.S. Restaurant Voted Third Best In The World
U.S. Restaurant Voted Third Best In The World

The results are out for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, and it should come as no surprise that the number one spot went to an Italian restaurant. Osteria Francescana is located in Modena, Italy and has been in the top five for several years leading up to 2016. Then second place went to a Spanish restaurant in Girona. But here’s the kicker. The U.S. came in third! The United States! Take that Europe!

Eleven Madison Park is located in Manhattan. It’s described as having a “New York twist” on European cuisine. The standout dish is honey lavender roasted duck and it’s to die for. But as truly delectable as the food may be, the true claim to fame for this fine establishment is the quality of its customer service. Servers all have exceptionally detailed familiarity with each option on the menu, while the chef is known to provide individualized dishes for each of his customers. The service has been described as being of such excellence that it qualifies as an art form. That’s why it won the Art of Hospitality and the Best Restaurant in North America awards in addition to its third place spot amongst the best in the world

The food selection was intentionally cut in half from fourteen to seven, allowing the chefs to perfect their craft and focus more attention on making sure each of the options are of a quality that goes unmatched by any other foodservice establishment in the country, nor by nearly anyone in the world.

There were five other restaurants that made the list as well. Chicago’s Alinea came in at number fifteen. New York’s Le Bernardin won twenty-fourth place. San Francisco’s Saison was twenty-seventh. New York’s Estela was forty-fourth, and Pocantico Hills’ Stone Barns was forty-eighth. So we do have our share of fine cuisine interspersed throughout the nation. You’ve just got to do a bit of restaurant research and keep your eyes peeled.

Have a look at the Eleven Madison Park website. And if you happen to be passing through New York City and have some cash to spend, you can schedule a reservation by calling 212-889-0905. You will not be disappointed. And if you’re looking for something a bit more casual, the owners are opening another restaurant called Made Nice in New York just for you.

The voting process works as follows. One thousand different chefs, food critics, and journalists from around the world all vote anonymously. Every year, the votes are aggregated and released to the public. Here’s to hoping the U.S. stays competitive for many years to come.

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