Why You Must Keep Your Restaurant Clean

A clean restaurant is one of the keys to succeeding in the foodservice industry. Here’s why:

Your Customers Won’t Run Away

The most important benefit of a clean restaurant is your customers won’t run away. Unclean restrooms are the biggest turnoff for customers, and your restrooms say a lot about your kitchen’s cleanliness. Another important thing to keep in mind is your customers judge the cleanliness of your restaurant by seeing the floors. If the floors are dirty and filled with debris, you can be sure your customers will look for another place to eat.

In addition, a clean restaurant minimizes the possibility of a foodborne illness outbreak that could cost you thousands of dollars in fines, lawsuits, and lost business.

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Pests Won’t Invade Your Restaurant

Remember that mice, cockroaches, and other plagues are attracted by the heat, moisture, and free food found underneath your equipment. They’re also attracted by the “aroma” of a dumpster brimming with rotten food. These pests carry all kinds of disease-causing agents (bacteria, parasites, and virus) that can easily spread throughout your restaurant. Moreover, what do think will happen when one of your customers sees a cockroach walking around your restaurant?

That’s why you’ve got to keep your restaurant clean. After all, having your employees clean your restaurant every day is better than having to call a pest control operator, close your restaurant for a couple days, and pay a hefty bill.

The Health Inspector Will Be Happy

When the health inspector comes to your restaurant for a scheduled (or surprise) inspection, he will check every spot (including underneath equipment, the exhaust hoods, restrooms, and tabletop items such as ketchup bottles).

Everything must be perfectly clean, or you’ll be facing serious consequences. For minor violations, there’s no problem (as long as you correct the violations before your next inspection)… but several major violations could terminate your restaurant forever.

Keeping your restaurant clean is extremely important, and it’s indispensable if you really want to follow excellent food safety guidelines. An unclean restaurant scares away your customers, contaminates your food, and gives you trouble with the local health authorities. You really need to make sure every inch of your restaurant is spotless, and the best way to do it is to take one of Ken Kuscher’s courses on food safety that reveal the inside secrets to ensuring your employees will keep your restaurant clean. Ken Kuscher is the leading food safety training and certification authority in Florida, and you can contact him at (561)-369-2622.

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