5 Ways to Prevent Cross-Contamination in the Kitchen

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5 Ways to Prevent Cross-Contamination in the Kitchen

Cross-contamination is the process where bacteria is transferred unintentionally from one source to another. The effects of cross-contamination can lead to severe illness if consumed, so it should be of utmost importance to reduce the chance of this from occurring. This article will identify five things you can do to prevent the risk of cross-contamination in your kitchen.

Most people are aware of the implications of improper food handling and look to make sure they follow the recommended guidelines. On the other hand, not everybody is aware of the risk’s certain tasks or habits possess in the kitchen. Many of these habits can increase the risk of cross-contamination of harmful bacteria onto other foods.


How Can You Reduce the Chance of Cross-Contamination?

1) Food Storage – Food should be stored appropriately to reduce the risk of cross-contamination from one food to another.

2) Separate Cooking Utensils – When cooking, ensure you do not use the same utensils for different raw meats, or you could spread bacteria.

3) Wash Your Hands – Washing your hands significantly reduces the chance from you being the cause of bacteria spreading.

4) Clean Workstation – Preparing and cooking food on a clean worktop helps remove the chance of unwanted bacteria to spread.

5) Food Handling Training – By obtaining your Florida food handler certification, you will know and understand all of the required food handling information. Your Florida food handler certificates can also provide you with working opportunities associated in the food sector.

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