About Food Handler Certificates in Florida

About Food Handler Certificates in Florida

According to the law, all employees working in the food industry are required to have Florida food handler certificates. Ken Kuscher provides you with certified food worker training programs and certificates. Food handlers certificates are required by the law, but these certificates will also help ensuring that you, your staff and all your customers are safeguarded from any health issues that would arise by handling food in inappropriate manners.

Florida food handler certificates represent highly important prerequisites in the food industry in general. Employees activating in this field must get proper training on food hygiene and food borne disease prevention. It is important to mention that a company must ensure their employees receive training within 60 days from the time of hiring. Also, each employee must obtain such a training certificate from an approved program every 3 years.

Ken Kuscher is a Certified Serv Safe instructor. With 35+ years of experience in the field and extensive teaching experience at college level, rest assured that your employees will benefit of the best quality training and certification.

These certificates also help ensuring that businesses in the food industry operate at the highest standards of hygiene. Operating in the food industry business always comes with a huge responsibility: respecting your customers and avoiding health issues at all costs. This is why such certifications are required by law and you as a manager/owner can also get the peace of mind you need that all employees adhere to such important hygiene standards.

Perfect food hygiene is imperative in making sure that the food you serve/sell is completely safe to consume. Good hygiene also prevents food poisoning and other problems. When it comes to food handling safety, there are many aspects that should be considered, including proper food storage, transportation, preparation/cooking/food packing, or the personal hygiene of the employees. The training offered in food handling courses focuses exactly on all these important aspects, to ensure that employees learn the best hygiene rules applicable to different stages in food handling.

Florida food handler certificates are now available at an inexpensive cost through Ken Kuscher. You should also have one approved book that matches the type of certification you take. Books are available in English and Spanish.

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