How to Get a Food Handler Certificate in Florida

How to Get a Food Handler Certificate in Florida

Getting Food Handler Certificates Florida is extremely easy. You just need to register through Ken Kuscher for online training, complete the course, and then you can print your certificate. Next, you can take the certificate and show it to your employer or to the local health authority and thus make proof that you own a Food Handlers Certificate as required for the job.

According to the Florida administration Code, food workers need to complete a certificate program in food safety to be able to work. However, it is extremely important to select a reputable provider of such courses because your training must touch upon specific concepts as outlined by the Florida Food Safety & Sanitation Program. Some of the concepts you will become familiar with throughout your course typically include:

  • Protocols regarding hand washing- the importance of washing your hands often during work to avoid contamination and the spread of bacteria, viruses, and so on.
  • Different food handling techniques that will prevent food contamination
  • Insects & pest control strategies and best practices
  • Different methods for the safe storage of food- but also best practices on thawing food, cooking food, and food storage
  • Cleaning & sanitation best practices- for different surfaces in your workspace. If you keep your immediate environment clean and perfectly sanitized, you will protect your health and the health of the customers

These are only a few concepts that you will learn during Food Handler Certificates Florida courses. Make sure to complete your training and then you can immediately start working in your preferred area. To make sure that you comply with certain local regulations, you should always check with your employer before starting the course.

The online food handler courses and training programs are extremely convenient. You can earn the required certification right from the comfort of your home. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or pc to take the course and then answer the final questions for the short exam. Food Handlers Certificates offered by Ken Kuscher adhere to the highest standards in the industry- so you can enroll with great confidence!

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