Leveraging TURF Analysis to Boost Your Restaurant’s Success

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Leveraging TURF Analysis to Boost Your Restaurant’s Success

In the ever-evolving restaurant industry, staying ahead of the competition is essential for long-term success. One invaluable tool at your disposal is TURF, which stands for Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency. Initially developed in the 1950s to aid ad agencies in evaluating media options, TURF has found a new purpose as a potent ally for restaurant chains seeking to optimize their menus and menu communications.

Understanding TURF

At its core, TURF employs a sophisticated algorithm to assess all possible menu alternatives and combinations by analyzing consumer responses to multiple-choice questions. Through a series of tradeoff decisions, it seeks to uncover the ideal combination of menu items that will resonate with the most significant percentage of customers while driving overall sales to new heights.

In essence, TURF offers two critical pieces of information:

  • The shortest list of menu items necessary to satisfy the majority of consumers.
  • The average number of menu items on that list that customers would like to order.

Within the framework of these lists, TURF goes a step further by showcasing the potential adjustments to customer satisfaction through substitutions. It can reveal which menu items might be swapped with minimal negative impact on customer satisfaction. Additionally, for any new or existing menu items being considered by management, TURF provides insights into their potential success and which items could be phased out.

Streamlining Menus for Success

One common pitfall many restaurants face over time is an ever-expanding menu that needs removing existing items. That can lead to cluttered menu communications across various platforms, making it increasingly challenging for customers to navigate. Operational complexities also arise in the form of inventory management and staffing issues. TURF analysis can solve these problems by pinpointing the shortest list of menu items required to satisfy most customers while revealing the average number of items each customer desires.

In practical terms, TURF eliminates the guesswork, providing an objective approach to identifying menu items that can be eliminated without negatively impacting sales and customer loyalty.

Unlocking the Power of TURF

Consider the case of a fast-casual restaurant with 37 core menu items. After a TURF analysis, it was discovered that the menu could be streamlined to just 25 items (a 33% reduction), all while ensuring that 91% of customers could still order their first or second choice. These customers would have compelling reasons to return, as they would find an average of 2.2 of their preferred choices on the menu.

Furthermore, TURF analysis can help protect against adverse changes to customer satisfaction by suggesting minimal-impact substitutions. For example, it can indicate which menu items could be swapped with little downside.

Multiple Applications of TURF

TURF analysis can be applied to the entire menu or individual menu categories, such as salads, entrees, soups, desserts, and more. This versatility allows for precise optimization and enhancement of specific menu segments.

The Comprehensive Benefits of TURF

The advantages of utilizing TURF analysis in your restaurant operations are substantial:

  • Menu Streamlining: Retire products with low customer interest, reducing clutter.
  • Incremental Reach: Identify and rank menu items to motivate customers to try specific combinations.
  • Revenue and Profit Growth: Fine-tune pricing based on item elasticity and revenue drivers.
  • Customer Loyalty: Determine items with the highest customer affinity.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Simplify the ordering process, reducing customer wait times.
  • Operational Simplicity: Streamline inventory management and staffing.
  • Menu Expansion: Assess new product ideas to determine their appeal.
  • Improved Menu Communications: Optimize menu layout, design, and merchandising.


In summary, TURF is a tried-and-true statistical approach that empowers you to make objective decisions while optimizing your restaurant’s menu and communications.

However, it’s important to note that while TURF is a powerful tool, it should not replace common sense. It identifies core items essential to satisfying most customers but leaves room for creative and opportunistic decision-making, such as adding unique, differentiating menu items to set your restaurant apart.


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