President Biden’s Restaurant Fee Crackdown

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In a recent announcement, President Biden unveiled plans for a concerted effort to eliminate what he terms “junk fees” or concealed surcharges that often catch consumers off guard. While initially directed towards sectors like entertainment and travel, the proposed regulations also extend to the restaurant industry, sparking debates about transparency and its impact on businesses and employees.

Biden’s Campaign Against Hidden Charges: What You Need to Know

Last fall, President Biden set the stage for a crackdown on misleading surcharges, emphasizing the need to disclose all fees upfront fully. This initiative gained further traction during his recent State of the Union address, where he reiterated his commitment to eliminating hidden fees across various sectors, including restaurants. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed a trade regulation rule requiring businesses to incorporate all necessary fees into the initial listed price, ensuring transparency in consumer transactions.

A New Task Force Takes Charge

To combat unfair pricing practices, the White House unveiled a new strike force, cochaired by the Department of Justice and the FTC. This collaborative effort aims to save American consumers billions of dollars in hidden fees while fostering a more competitive pricing environment within the corporate landscape.

The FTC’s Focus on Restaurants: Implications for the Industry

The FTC’s proposed rule targets industries that frequently employ hidden fees, including restaurants. During the public commentary period, commentators highlighted instances where restaurants add undisclosed charges to bills under ambiguous labels like “service fee” or “hospitality fee.” Despite the prevalence of such practices, local governments and industry advocates are already taking a stand, advocating for greater transparency and fairness in fee disclosures.

The Debate Over Service Fees: Balancing Transparency and Viability

While service surcharges have become increasingly common, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is significant debate surrounding their inclusion in the proposed regulations. The Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC) has voiced concerns about the potential impact on employee livelihoods, arguing that eliminating service fees could jeopardize the predictability of wages and benefits for workers. Instead, the IRC proposes collaborative efforts between the FTC and restaurant operators to establish clear guidelines for transparent fee disclosures.

Voices from the Industry: Insights from Restaurant Owners

Restaurant owners like Dan Jacobs of EsterEv and Dan Dan in Milwaukee offer valuable perspectives. For Jacobs and many others, service fees support employee benefits like healthcare. Baking these fees into menu prices, while an option, risks inflating prices and deterring customers. Jacobs advocates for transparency, asserting that explicit service charges ensure clarity for patrons and support employee welfare.

Navigating Forward: Finding Equitable Solutions

As discussions surrounding service fees continue, it is essential to balance transparency and business viability. While the FTC aims to protect consumers from deceptive practices, it is equally important to consider the complexities of the restaurant industry and the livelihoods of its workforce. By fostering dialogue and collaboration between regulatory bodies, industry stakeholders, and policymakers, we can work towards implementing solutions that uphold fairness, transparency, and sustainability for all involved parties.


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