Restaurant Real Estate in 2024: Navigating Turbulent Waters

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Restaurant Real Estate in 2024: Navigating Turbulent Waters

The restaurant real estate landscape faces ongoing challenges as supply struggles to meet demand, a situation exacerbated by a lack of development in recent years. David Orkin of CBRE emphasizes the enduring difficulties stemming from the pandemic, with shopping center development particularly affected by soaring costs and stagnant construction.


Economic Forecast and Sectoral Impact

Despite economic headwinds, including high-interest rates and global recessions, resilient consumer spending offers a glimmer of hope for the commercial real estate sector. CBRE predicts nuanced shifts in office and retail real estate, with vacancy rates peaking and luxury retailers eyeing expansion opportunities in specific markets.


Collaborative Strategies for Growth

Amidst the challenges, collaboration between industry giants like Darden Restaurants and Bloomin’ Brands remains pivotal. Tricia Tolivar of CAVA sheds light on their innovative “coastal smile” strategy, which leverages consumer trends and strategic acquisitions to drive growth in diverse markets.


Navigating Regional Complexities

While opportunities abound, regional complexities pose unique challenges, with California’s competitive market standing out due to high costs and stringent regulations. Despite the hurdles, operators must evaluate potential profitability against the allure of top-line sales.


Adaptation and Innovation for Success

In this dynamic environment, agility and innovation are paramount. Operators must negotiate creatively with landlords and embrace strategic expansion to secure prime real estate and drive sustainable growth.


Looking Ahead: Collaboration, Adaptation, and Resilience

As the industry braces for further shifts, collaboration, adaptation to consumer preferences, and strategic expansion will be essential for success in the evolving landscape of restaurant real estate in 2024 and beyond. Despite the challenges, opportunities abound for those willing to navigate the turbulent waters with foresight and resilience.



As we navigate the complexities of restaurant real estate in 2024, it’s evident that challenges persist alongside growth opportunities. The delicate balance between supply and demand and economic uncertainties underscores the need for agility, innovation, and collaboration within the industry.

Despite the obstacles posed by the pandemic and economic fluctuations, resilient consumer spending offers hope for a gradual recovery. Strategic partnerships and innovative expansion strategies, exemplified by companies like CAVA, demonstrate the growth potential even amidst adversity.

However, regional complexities, such as those in competitive markets like California, demand careful consideration and adaptation. Operators must weigh the allure of top-line sales against the realities of high costs and stringent regulations.

Success hinges on collaboration, adaptation, and resilience in this dynamic landscape. By embracing creative negotiation tactics, strategic expansion plans, and a willingness to navigate the turbulent waters of change, restaurant operators can position themselves for sustainable growth and success in 2024 and beyond.

As the industry progresses, the key will be to remain adaptable, responsive to shifting consumer preferences, and committed to innovation. With foresight and resilience, the challenges of today can pave the way for tomorrow’s opportunities in the ever-evolving world of restaurant real estate.

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