Understanding the Importance of Your Employees Dress Code in Regards to Food Safety

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Understanding the Importance of Your Employees Dress Code in Regards to Food Safety

Law is something which nobody should think they do not have to comply with, whether that is serious crimes or failing to comply with food safety regulations. If you own a business, and you are scratching your head as to why you need to comply with certain regulations for your employees’ dress code, then look no further than these next few paragraphs.

We will take a look at why certain parts of the uniform are necessary so your employees can maintain a high standard regarding food safety, making it better for your business and ultimately reaping the benefits directly from your customers. This article will follow the same rules and standards which are required to obtain a Florida food handlers card and to put your establishment in the best position possible for now and the future.

Food safety is in place to keep businesses in line with set rules to prevent illnesses from food that is not prepared in a safe way, food that is out of code, food not cooked properly, food not stored properly and food handlers that are not in correct uniform. There is an array of ways which can compromise the quality of food and there should be no shortcuts made to ensure the standards are met.

Dress Code Requirements for Florida Food Handler Certification

  • Hats or Hairnets – Hair is exposed to everything and lots of dirt can build up over time, and much more so for those with longer hair. All hair, including beards, should be put up in either a hat or a hairnet to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and overall cleanliness.
  • Gloves – If your employees need to physically touch the food, they should be wearing gloves. At no point should they be touching the food with bare skin, even if hands are washed with soap.
  • Jewelry – All pieces of jewelry should not be exposed to any food; it should be either covered up or removed as they are especially prone to dirt and often many people do not maintain the cleanliness of their jewelry.
  • Clean Clothing – What seems quite obvious for some, isn’t for all. You need to ensure your employees are turning up to work in clean clothing to maintain cleanliness standards.

Food hygiene covers a lot of areas, and your staff should be aware of this when they get their Florida Food Handler Certification. But, ultimately, it is your business and reputation on the line, so make sure your employees are maintaining these standards.

At Brunswick Food Service Educators, we have over 35 years of experience as a Certified ServSafe Instructor and registered Proctor. Florida Food Handler Certification is required by Florida law for all employees. We understand that people are busy and the culinary industry can be very demanding and time-consuming; that’s why at Brunswick Food Service Educators, we offer same-day completion of classes and exams so you can get on with your busy schedule. For a more detailed look at what we offer or for class schedules, contact us at 561-703-7196 or 561-369-2622.

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