How to Prepare Your Restaurant This Holiday

How to Prepare Your Restaurant This Holiday

With the holidays around the corner the amount of people looking to eat in restaurants, will increase massively. Here at Ken Kuscher we are a fountain of advice and are ready to part with our priceless knowledge of this giant industry. Contact us regarding food certificates, food safety and anything else restaurant in Florida.
December is ultimately the busiest time of year for anyone involved in the catering or restaurant industry. Here are a few tips in order to help you prepare to the best of your ability. These tips are sure to make customers smile, whilst making your job easier.


Tip 1.) Keep your menu simple – conventional or unconventional holiday menu.

Whether you decide to go for a traditional turkey or lean towards a more unconventional choice, keep your menu simple. With the sheer numbers of people wanting to eat, the last thing you need is things on the menu that confuses a consumer, or even worse, a chef. If you keep your menu simple we are sure that you will keep your customers happy!


Tip 2.) Open for as long as possible – it´s never too late.

With reams of people prepared to eat and drink out during the festive period it is imperative to remain open for as much time as you can. We understand there are certain rules in place and we are not encouraging you to break these however, when it comes to the holidays it´s never too late and never too early.


Tip 3.) Keep your kitchen clean – be conscience of your customers.

Of course cleanliness in your kitchen should be of the highest importance year-round, however if there is one particular time, where it should be of greater importance it´s the holidays. The last thing that anyone would want during the holiday period is a food related illness. To add the last thing that you want as a restaurant owner is one your customers to fall sick at the hands of your food. Be extremely vigilant when in the kitchen and ensure everything to be washed and dried thoroughly.


Tip 4.) Ensure you have enough staff – don’t try to cut corners.

Finding employees over the festive period can be one of the most difficult issues a restaurant owner has to deal with. Naturally, people will return home to loved ones during the holidays and filling the void can be difficult. Obviously with the high numbers expected, it should be one of your highest priorities managing your work force. Maybe throw some incentives in there, such as a holiday bonus or a free meal and your employees will find it harder to say, “No.”

We are sure you, your restaurant and your customers will have a beautiful holiday filled with joy, great reviews and fantastic food. Be sure to be a gracious, welcoming host who exudes friendship, goodwill and warm festive wishes.

Should you be interested in more tips or information about food handling and food safety, please contact Ken Kuscher now, who offers a professional service with years of expertise in the restaurant industry.

From everyone at Ken Kuscher we would like to wish you a very happy holidays and a prosperous New Year.

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