What Exactly Is A Food Handler Anyway?

What Exactly Is A Food Handler Anyway?

You might have a friend who identifies him or herself as a food handler. Or you might have some of your own aspirations of working for the food industry. Whichever the case, you’ve probably asked yourself at some point what exactly is a food handler, anyway. Of course, the easy answer is someone who handles food! But it’s actually a lot more than that. We’re here to clear the air on the topic. Here’s a more exact definition for your information. (Related Topics: Florida Food Handlers CertificatesFlorida Food Handlers CardFlorida Food Handler Certification)

Food handlers work in food production and packaging facilities. Anyone who, as part of their job description, makes physical contact with food while working within one of these facilities, technically qualifies as a food handler. Anyone, from those who inspect food for quality and safety in farms and production lines to those who prepare and cook food in restaurants all technically are food handlers.

In the state of Florida, in order to work with food in any way, one must obtain official certification. That involves going through the proper training with a professional and in the end getting the necessary credentials. If you happen to be living within the borders of the Sunshine State with dreams of climbing to food industry ladder, you’re going to want to get the proper schooling first.

In your training, you will learn how to preserve food so that it remains safe for consumption. You’ll learn all about the necessary steps in order to ensure that the food you are handling remains at the proper temperature so that when it is finally served to customers, you’ll have no concern over damaging their health. You’ll also learn how to spot when a facility is in violation of FDA protocol. These are skills that will be crucial if you have any aspirations of one day becoming a food safety inspector.

At the end of your training, you will have an examination. If you pass, your instructor will reward you with your food handler credential, which you will need in order to find employment anywhere within state borders.

Not all states require food handler certification but many of them do. Additionally, most states require food handling professionals to continue their education by renewing their credentials within a specified period of time. The window of time between renewals may vary by region, so it’s important that you speak to your employer or prospective employer about this when undergoing a job hunt.

Do you want to learn how to get those credentials and hop on the fast track to food handler’s galore? Get your training from Florida’s finest instructor, Ken Kuscher. Mr. Kuscher has years of experience working in the food handling industry and is eager to share his knowledge with all of his students. For more information about his services, you can give him a call at 561-703-7196 and receive an immediate response.

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